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 Joe's new 2021 album, "EYES ON YOU"  draws from the blues/rock/soul pallet of musical sounds featuring lots of guitars

(acoustics, electrics & slides), harp, B3 and piano with a soulful and solid rhythm section featuring some of Nashville's premium players. "We're praising the Lord and driving out the devil ... a real heavenly blues band."


Seven songs written by Turley and a medley of old time gospel songs testify to a wide range of life's challenges and joys while walking with Jesus. The sounds are organic and honest and the playing is full of Holy Spirit fire.    

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“Over the Horizon”,  Joe's second album is overflowing with heart and soul. covering a wide emotional range, both through the pen and the mic. It’s also an R&B melting pot simmering with songs and sounds that blend shadow and light,  smiles with tears, youth with experience.

Featuring  Joe's long time band members and astonishingly soulful players  you'll hear lots of bluesy rock with organic instrumentation and dynamic mixes.          Mike Hight   HIGHTWRITER REVIEW


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When the Jitterbug Bites ... Fun, Fun, Fun!

a high-voltage collection of tunes that captures the joy and exuberance of swing music and blends it with the raw power of rock and blues. Peppered with elements of big band, blues, rock and jazz, When The Jitterbug Bites sets all those styles squarely on an infectious swing groove that puts a tap in your toe and a smile on your face.

"The entire CD is riddled with the high-stepping freedom of jumpin-jive swing  - C. J. Cauley, SHOCK VALUE WEBZINE