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Blues Harp was the first instrument I got real serious about.

 At 13, I heard Sonnyboy Williamson play "Bye Bye Bird" and was knocked out forever! I bought an Hohner Old Standby and literally played till my lips bled. After a while,I got pretty good and started playing for parties & my first band. I copped a lot of my style from the old blues masters : Little Walter, Taj Mahal, James Cotton, Charlie Musselwhite &  Magic Dick. Later I got into country styles :Charlie McCoy & Miclkey Raphael. Dylan & Neil Young influenced me as well. Harmonica is a streight from the heart instrument ... sorta my 1st love. 


Sax is a lot like harp on steroids ... intensly expressive and soulful. My Grandfather, Daddy Red gave me an old C-Melody Sax to get started when I was 15. After I stuck with it a few years, he presented me with his amazing 1927 Conn Alto. It's still my main horn! Some influences were Jr. Walker, Louie Jordan, "Cleanhead" Vinson, Bird, Sonny Stitt & Phil Woods . I stole lots of licks from guitarists too ... Hendrix, BB King & Clapton. I also play tenor and soprano saxes. Sax Speaks!!!


Give me a good baby grand & I'll play forever. Piano rounded me out as a musician because you can "see" the music. I hated it when I started as a 6-year-old and quit. Then, at about 15, I heard some boogie and blues players who totally changed my attitude. Plus the band I was in need keys on some songs ... so I woodshedded till I learned 'em. My Mom & Grandfather played great & taught me a lot of jazz. In time, keyboards became a mainstay & always helped me find work. Thru the years I've fallen in love deeply with piano & am crazy about B-3 & synths. 


I learned on an old Stella with strings a mile off the frets. I was about 15 and wanted to accompany myself while singing & playeng harp. Guitar has always been a "play on the porch "

instrument for me.. I played in bands with ace guitarists so I played sax, keys & harp mainly. In the last 10 years I've been playing out more, especially slide. I also write a lot on guitar. I'm a blues/folk/rock guitarist & I love it!  I take one everywhere I go. I translate my style from harp & sax to guitar since you can bend the notes and make it scream & moan.

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